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If you were my friend’s father, my plumber, my stepdad, etc and you caught me like this…

And you could only pick one outcome, which would you choose?

A) Make me walk around the house with my little clit out and not hide if someone sees me.

B) Make me play with my useless clitty on a live cam while you jack off in front of me.

C) Make me fuck myself with a dildo until my useless clit dribbles.

D) Put a huge dildo in my boy pussy until I scream for you to stop.

E) Wait until I fall asleep and fuck me.

F) Fuck me doggy style.

G) Make me ride your cock while you sit back and enjoy.

H) Invite your huge black friend over to destroy me while you film and jack off.

I) Get a good old fashioned blowjob.

Let me know!


Can someone make an app like Grindr / Tinder but for femboys/sissies/crossdressers and daddies?


Sissy Thanksgiving Pt. 10

He really wanted to break my virginity… the thoughts rushing through my head were uncontrollable. I had never ever seen a guy naked until recently and all of a sudden I had given one a blowjob and, now, I was in bed with one.

I was nervous and scared about what was going on. I was away from my parents and the only two people here were older guys – horny, older guys.

Mr. Gregory was sat in a chair in the corner with a grin on his face and his hand rubbing the outside of his jean’s crotch.

He nodded to me enthusiastically. He wanted me to do it.

As I lay on the naked stranger, I reached down towards his hard cock. It was so hard. He looked up at my skinny, young body and was practically salivating.

I lifted my leg a little so that his cock could stand upright underneath me. It was big – how could that fit in me? It was at least as wide as my body.

He looked up at my face and said “go on little boy, do as you’re told, put it in that tight ass of yours…”

I moved my thong from my butthole onto one cheek so that my boy pussy was exposed. I let my body rock a little to feel his throbbing dick against the outside of my hole.

It felt good, a tingle inside.

I attempted to push my body weight onto it but I was just too tight. It wouldn’t go in even a little bit.

He started to get a little frustrated so he swung his arm around my back, lifted me, and lay me on the bed on my side. He was now kneeling over me with his cock positioning between my buttcheeks.

I couldn’t let him see how nervous I was. I looked away but, by doing so, was now looking directly at Mr. Gregory. He had a full smile and his pants were unzipped.

I felt the man push his cock harder against my boy pussy.

“Just a little push and we’ll be ready to go, little one…”

Fear had taken over. I was sweating. I was visibly uncomfortable.

He pushed even harder, this time forcing the tip of his cock inside of me.

After trying that for a while, he realized it wasn’t working.

“I need to use my whole body for this. Get on your stomach…”

I slowly flipped my body onto my stomach, my legs tucked under him, his body positioned right on top of me.

He pushed again.

Again, same problem. I was just too tight.

He grabbed at my shoulders for leverage. He yanked my body towards him.

I felt a little more of his cock slide into me. It hurt – I couldn’t do this.

I pushed at his arm with mine and tried to swing my body back upwards.

“What’s wrong, you little slut?”

“I-I-I can’t do this… not now… I need… I need to stop.”

He huffed and slumped off of me. He looked mad.

“Please sir, don’t be angry. I’ve never let anyone get this far. You’re very special. You-you… you’re so handsome and I like you…”

“Well let me make love to you then!”

“I can’t sir… If only I had practise with someone smaller before… I’m sorry…”

He rubbed his face. He couldn’t hide his frustration.

The sweat glistening off of his manly body was still such a turn on though. I reached for his cock and began stroking it up and down slowly at first.

He moved his hands from his eyes and looked back at me again. He still had some hunger left.

I moved my body so that my face was under him. I licked his balls, I licked slowly up his shaft, and I began to suck him again.

He was enjoying it. A relief for both of us. For some reason I really cared that he would be satisfied – it felt like my job.

He eventually rocked his head back and groaned. He gave me no forewarning as the cum bellowed out of his cock like a rocket.

My face was hit repeatedly by the splashes of his warm cum.

“Fuck yes… Ughhh…”, he moaned, “good fucking girl. Now lick it up…”

I did – I already was doing it – and I did it with a big smile on my face knowing I was his “good girl”.

Tune in for part 11 soon!

If you want to recap or read the other chapters for the first time – tap the “sissy thanksgiving” tag at the bottom of this post.


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