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New posts over on!

New posts over on!

FREE TEXT MESSAGE CONVO! We will have a virtu…


We will have a virtual sex message convo. We will send text and picture messages back and forth to develop a story together (on Tumblr chat).

Send me your Mr. Name (e.g. Mr. Reynolds), what age you will play, and what age you want me to be.

Also send your fantasy. Note: these things last several days. Please respond fast.

I will play a boy transitioning into a beautiful sissy.

Go go go!

Follow my new feminization blog: Bimbo School

Follow my new feminization blog: Bimbo School:

For bois that want to transform into sissy sluts, fuck toys for alpha men, and total bimbos for daddy’s pleasure.


Any femboys in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Hit me up on direct message!

Direct message me for a “text message” story b…

Direct message me for a “text message” story between you and myself as well as you and my stepdad.

He will be your close friend / old buddy who has been living with his new wife for a year or so. I will be his stepson.

You will witness through photos and texts my feminization.

Message me with your Mr. name (e.g. Mr. Collins) and be prepared to reply fast as these stories take a long time to get to the juicy parts.

You will need to supply photos too and I will give you good sources for them.


- Send me your Mr. Name (e.g. Mr. White)
- This is a fictional story and will last a while (we will send pics back and forth that get naughtier and naughtier)
- You will send me your “scenario” (e.g. I am your babysitter, I am your neighbor, etc)
- You will be playing 45 years old or over
- You will send me the age you want me to play (anything goes)



– Send me your Mr. Name (e.g. Mr. White)
– This is a fictional story and will last a while (we will send pics back and forth that get naughtier and naughtier)
– You will send me your “scenario” (e.g. I am your babysitter, I am your neighbor, etc)
– You will be playing 45 years old or over
– You will send me the age you want me to play (anything goes)



Sissy Thanksgiving Pt. 9

My mouth moved slowly up his shaft and I puckered my lips over the head of his penis.

I began to take deep, long pulls of his cock inside of my mouth. He moaned deeply and rocked his body in thrusts towards my mouth.

I was getting good at this. He was clearly enjoying it a lot.

My mind wandered to what it would be like if I was to suck men from now on instead of letting my girlfriend suck my little cock. The thought of all the men at the pool standing around me taking turns led to that now familiar feeling of tightening in my panties.

Gosh… I really was starting to like men.

The man let out an especially large moan, pulled my head back and said: “Slow down, little baby, you’re going to make me cum already…”

I stopped sucking, rested my head near his balls, and said: “I think we should go to the bedroom…”

A large smile wiped over his face. He was hungry to see how far I was about to go…

I lifted my body up and he followed suit. I held his cock as I walked him towards the bedroom, holding eye contact the entire time.

Then something strange happened as we got to the door of the bedroom. I suddenly got vocal, which I hadn’t expected myself to do:

“You like little sissy sluts, don’t you daddy?”

“Err… wow… yes… especially when they’re as cute and naughty as you are…”

I pulled at his cock which ushered him into the room. His face was partly shocked, partly thrilled.

I pushed him back onto the bed and he slumped down – looking back at me with a hungry look in his eyes.

I immediately began pulling his jeans down, wanting him to feel comfortable, but also wanting to have a fully naked man in the bed.

As soon as his jeans were low enough, I started to suck on his cock again. This time I moaned a little as I sucked like I had seen the girls in porn movies do.

It wasn’t long before he pushed my head back again and said the same thing:

“You’re too good at sucking… you’re going to make me cum so quickly…”

I sat up, not wanting the moment to end and began helping him out of his jeans and shirt.

“Take your clothes off too, sissy, show me that beautiful body of yours…”

I slid my skirt off with my back turned to him so he could see my ass open up as I bent over.

I looked back as I did it and noticed him immediately start to play with his cock. He was so turned on.

I climed back onto the bed, mounted him, and started to position myself comfortably on top of his groin. His hard cock pressed against the area between my balls and my asshole.

I started to grind slowly back and forth.

I felt his hands swirl around my body, grabbing the skin of my hips, rubbing my lower stomach, feeling the softness of my thighs.

He eventually reached one of his arms around my back, using it as leverage to pull me closer.

He began to lift his head from the pillow and puckered his lips for a kiss…

Our tongues danced across one another’s mouths, saliva building from the passion, my body grinding harder into his cock.

He used the hand behind my back to grab onto my hair. He tugged it back slowly but firmly.

My head rocked back and the feeling of slight pain made my cock harden a little.

He began licking and sucking my nipples. The harder he sucked the larger the nipples got until they looked like little tits. As I looked down at them, I pushed them together and said:

“You like my little titties?”

He nodded enthusiastically and laughed.

“You’re such a little slut.”

I felt his hand reach down to my panties and he began to tug on them.

They started falling over my buttocks.

“I want to pull off these panties and put my dick inside you…”

Those words gave me a sudden jolt. I had never been fucked before – it looked painful for the girls in porn films… What should I do? I asked myself…

Tune in next time for part 10!

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Hey all! Please help keep this blog alive! Y…

Hey all!

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A lot of people have been asking what is happening with Skye’s stepdad in the Sissy Thanksgiving story. Here’s what’s been happening back home:

My stepdad has been home with my mom, enjoying some time off, fucking his wife hard, sunbathing in the garden, and generally chilling out.

Every now and then, however, his mind wanders to his stepson: “What is he up to? Is Mr. Gregory behaving himself? What is he wearing? I bet it’s skimpy…”

One evening, after a few drinks, his mind wandered to me. He was thinking of that time I went for a nap in their bed wearing one of my black bikinis.

He remembered that I had tapped on the bed near me, giving him an invitation to lie down. He wondered what would have happened if he had picked up on that at the time…

He daydreamed about it. One channel of thinking was that we would have sat in bed, watched TV, and giggled like we sometimes do.

His second thought was that he stepped towards the bed and I playfully lifted my feet up to his chest, slipping down to his shorts, and began tugging at the waist with my cute toes.

He thought that I would have asked for a massage. I would have taken off my bikini top, I would have sat on his lap as he lay down, I would’ve helped him out of his shorts as I took my bikini bottoms off.

He thought about how close my buttocks would be to his groin. He felt his cock stir in his pants as he snapped back to reality.

He dove back into his daydream.

I would lay on my back as he oiled my legs, back, and butt. He thought about my tiny cock tucked between my legs. He thought about my shaved butthole.

His cock grew harder.

Once he had finished massaging my back, I would flip over so that my front could be massaged. He thought about the idea that, if I turned over quickly enough, his bulging cock might slip into my ass.

He thought about my face wincing and me moaning slightly. He thought about how surprised he would be that I was pushing my body against his shaft and not away.

He thought about how his cock would have slid into my young asshole and when he looked at my face I was just smiling.

He thought about how I was gyrating my hips up and down. He thought about how he was fucking his stepson.

He thought about, in the throws of passion, picking me up, pushing me onto my back, pulling my legs up and taking a dominant role.

He thought about my cute, girly feet swaying in the air in front of his face as his cock pounded away.

He thought about his balls tightening and finally getting close to erupting. He thought about how, when he tried to pull out to cum, that I just held him closer and tighter so that he wouldn’t.

He thought about how he was filling my ass with his hot, long spurts of cum.

He thought about how his wife would be walking up the stairs and how quickly I would flip and try to get under the covers. He thought about how used and sticky my ass would look as I scrambled around.

He snapped back to reality again.

He looked down at his shorts and saw a wet stain. He had cum in real life.