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Have you ever wished to be totally transformed in order to please a man?

Take a peek at this hot lil SISSY named Nyxi. She was transformed by TIA TIZZIANNI. Now you can see she is being trained to be the perfect bottom sissy slut. Wish it was you? Want to be transformed and trained just like Nyxi? Email me tia_tizzi@yahoo.com Subject: Tia Transformations and tell me all about your secret desires or maybe they are not so secret.

Want to see Nyxi’s actually feminization training? She has over 12 videos posted of her feminization training with Tia Tizzianni and Bailey Love. Check her out she is truly stunning! http://lockers.birchplace.com/18423

Let me know if you are interested in a transformation session.


Tia Tizzianni


Nyxi was transformed and trained at The Sissy Institute.

When is it your turn to be transformed and trained just like Nyxi? All you have to do is email me tia_tizzi@yahoo.com Subject: Questions about The Sissy Institute. 

If you like, ask for Nyxi to train you as the TS Mistress at The Sissy Institute.

If you want to see Nyxi in over 35+ super hot sexy videos and her feminization training and role playing visit www.tiatizzianni.manyvids.com 


Tia Tizzianni

The Sissy Institute



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