secretfemboy: Sometimes, the sexting thing ca…


Sometimes, the sexting thing can move things on quicker than you imagine. Mr. Trafford was married only a week before he sent me a text:

“Hey, so my wife wondered if you could give her tips on makeup. She really liked your eye makeup. I know that’s weird given that you’re a boy but … please? Mr. Trafford”

“Yeah, of course, Mr. Trafford anytime!”

“Can you send a pic so she can reference?”

“Of course! Here you go!” I sent him photo 1.

“You’ve sure made us happy! Check out my grin!” He sent me photo 2.

“Lol! No problem! I’ve noticed it goes really well with pig tails, check it out… xxx” I sent him photo 3.

“Yes indeed it does! You know how I have that V-shape from my abs? It’s a great place to hold pig tails and pull them if you catch my drift…”

“I actually don’t get it, sir, lol sorry xxx”

He sent me photo 4. “Well the v-shape can take the pig tails on both sides while my wife’s face is down there sucking me lol”

“Omg! Mr. Trafford… what are you sending me that for!”

“You don’t like it?”

“Well I do but…”

“But what? Let me see your reaction.”

I sent him photo 5. “Eating candy like a good girl… aka biting down on something because I’m a bit turned on…”

“Oops i think I lost my jeans” he sent photo 6.

I immediately sent back photo 7. “Looks too big to handle!!!”

“Haha might be actually, you’re a tiny boy!!” He sent photo 8.

“Omg… we’ve both got Red Bull… look at the size against my little face!” I sent him photo 9.

Photo 10 was taken when he turned up at my house, told my parents he was taking me to soccer practice, and checked us into a hotel room.

He spent his honeymoon fucking my brains out.