Sissy Thanksgiving Pt. 6

After the guy had left me in that secluded part of the resort, face covered in his sticky, white load, I just sat there for what felt like hours.

My mind was racing… What the fuck had just come over me? I had just tried so hard to fight off the looks of those men at the beach and then I took a total reversal.

I didn’t even know the guy’s name that instructed me to suck his cock.

Jeez, how was I going to tell my girlfriend about this? I mean, cheating on her with another girl was bad enough, but a guy that was like 45 years old?

I sat there and convinved my I couldn’t tell her… It would ruin us. It would ruin me. She would tell everyone.

The sticky cum had dried at this point and, when I tried to wipe it off, it was painful.

I walked around to find an inlet from the sea, something more secluded for me to wash myself. About five minutes later, I found one.

I could still hear the people on the beach chattering away but felt I had enough privacy to clean up the mess that was clearly covering my face.

I slipped out of my clothes and into the cool water. It felt good. The heat of the sun mixed with the heat from my anxiety and stress washed away with the cum from the man I had just giving a blowjob to.

Finally the sun had started to cool too, the shade was growing larger. I was beginning to feel more relaxed about what had transpired that day.

As I walked onto the secluded bank of sand, I looked over the relatively still waters and began to breathe deeply.

Behind me was a rustling sound. Oh no, not again.

Out of the bushes appear Mr. Gregory.

“Skye! I’ve been looking all over for you! Are you ok?”

I looked back over my shoulder.

“Oh shit,”, I exclaimed, pulling my bottoms up over my butt.

“Err… yes, I’m fine, Mr. Gregory.”

“What have you been doing?”

I began to pull my vest over my head, trying to keep some modesty.

I had still not spoken to Mr. Gregory since running out of the sauna.

“Oh, nothing really… umm… well, some stuff… err… hey… about the sauna…”

“Don’t worry about all that, Skye, it’s perfectly normal… You wanna go back to the room and talk it over? It might be healthy for you…”

“Umm… yes, yes ok…”

I pulled up my shorts.

“Ok, you lead the way, Skye.”

I looked back at Mr. Gregory as we walked towards our room. I wondered, like the other guys at the resort, if he was checking me out.

He awkwardly sniffed and looked away as soon as I looked back. I chuckled. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was beginning to like that Mr. Gregory was taken such a keen interest in me.

He was probably noticing all the squat work my stepdad had taught me…

When we got back to the hotel, I pulled off my wet shorts and jumped onto the bed.

I looked at Mr. Gregory and a rush of honesty swept over me…

“So, I’m really embarrassed about what happened in the sauna. I’ve never… seen a grown man’s … you know … thingy before then. I guess I liked seeing it more than I had thought and I got a bit hard…”

“Yes, Skye, I had noticed… What do you think this means?”

“I don’t know, really… Ever since I started wearing… kind tighter clothes… I guess guys have started treating me differently… like… like, you always watch me when I sunbathe and I guess it’s because I look good… But now, it’s starting to make me think of men differently…”

“Yes, Skye, I do watch you. Does it makeyou feel uncomfortable?”

“No, Mr. Gregory… not at all. I think it’s nice that you’re interested in me… But I think I’ve taken it too far…”

I sat up, clutched a pillow, and continued…

“What do you mean, Skye?”

“Well… oh my god… I told myself I wouldn’t say anything… I err… You know those guys in the elevator?”

“Yes, Skye, the ones that check you out.”

“Well, after being at the sauna with you, I went for a walk to clear my head… Well, one of them… I bumped into one of them… And we started chatting, and he followed me, and I was kinda uncomfortable… And then he grabbed me… And kissed me… Ugh, this is so stupid… And then I kissed back… And started to take his clothes off… Oh my god it sounds so bad… and then I got on my knees…”

“Wait, Skye, did this guy take advantage of you?”

“Err… No not exactly… he ugh…”

Mr. Gregory reached for his bag and if distracted me. He pulled out a large, flesh colored dildo. He handed it to me and said:

“Show me what he did…”

“Why do you have this, Mr. Gregory?”

“Err… It’s a gift for my wife… She likes… Anyway, show me, Skye.”

I pulled off my clothes and said:

“Well I was naked at one point… I… I guess I can’t remember if he took the clothes off me or I did it…”

I knew the answer. I had pulled them off in the throws of passion.

I turned away from Mr. Gregory, knowing that my small cock was on display.

“I guess I started to rub it like this…”

I gyrated my hand around the shaft of the toy.

“Then I put my mouth on it…”

I looked at the massive dildo and realized it was too big to even mimic what I had done.

“His wasn’t this wide, but I moved my hands up and down and sucked at the same time…”

“Hmm… Ok, Skye.”, said Mr. Gregory, his eyes widening.

“Skye… did he finish?”



“It went all over my face…”

Mr. Gregory shifted in his seat uncomfortably. I think he was getting hard in his shorts.

“Erm… Ok, Skye, and did you like it?”

“Sir… I don’t know… I mean… It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined… I just feel so bad for my girlfriend…”

“Don’t feel bad, Skye. You’re young. You need to find out what is right for you…”

“Yeah, I guess… Well, I kind of had fun learning how to be more cordinated with my hands and mouth…”

“Do you want to try it again, Skye?”

“Err… I don’t know…”

“Skye, have you ever heard of Grindr?”

“Umm… no?”

I had, of course.

“Well, it’s a way for you to meet guys in the area. We should setup a profile for you and see if you like anyone.”

“I don’t know, Mr. Gregory…”

“It can’t hurt to see what’s out there, Skye…”

I smiled, twisting on the bed, thinking about the idea.

I smirked again, passed my phone to Mr. Gregory and said:

“Do it.”

Tune in for part seven soon…